Bouche Garage Tech & Repair




Jet Ski/Boat

I can repair just about anything on jet skis.

The most common repairs I do are:

  • Engine rebuild or replacement
  • Top end rebuilds
  • Carburetor rebuilds
  • Impeller replacement
  • Jet pump servicing
  • Decarbonize RAVE valves
  • Electrical systems diagnostics
  • Fuel line replacement
  • Oil line replacement Winterizing
  • Oil injection block off conversions
  • Replace batteries, spark plugs, and fuel filters


I use an OBD 2 diagnosis tool to diagnosis engine issues check engine lights
Most common repairs are but not limited to:

  • Replacing brake pads and/or rotors
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Electrical system diagnosis
  • Radiator replacement
  • Instrumentation repair

Just about anything that is wrong with a vehicle usually a part needs to be replaced. If it can be replaced I can do it! I am not equipped to repair body damage unless it is a part replacement.

Small Engines • Motorbike/Dirt bike/ATV

If you bring them we can fix them.

These vehicles are just like jet skis. The old ones had 2-stroke motors and now the new ones have 4-stroke motors. The most common repairs include:

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Top end rebuilds
  • Carburetor rebuild
  • Electrical system servicing
  • Engine problem diagnosis
  • Battery replacement